Monday, August 22, 2011

R-V-B it is!

So I have been able to log on for 20 minutes at a time here or there or even a hour when time permits and so I decided to be an active participant in RVB as I'm sure I won't be Tusker material until I am able to log in for real amounts of time AND I can manage to get solo kills as opposed to gang kills. :P

Kind of a funny note, I was just running around in a Thrasher to get an idea of the layout of the "approved PVP area" (Something I'm not hugely fond of as it's only a few constellations of total space) when I decided to hop into a defense fleet to see if I could have some fun defending Blue HQ. 

I get my Thrasher fitted out in uber Meta 3 gear for a quick fight and, when I finally get to Autaris, it looks like Red decided to stop camping HQ.  So we go on an impromptu roam to try and initiate a fight with some Reds.

After trailing behind the gang for a bit, we realized that there wasn't much red activity around and as I had my attention split between the kids and EvE, it took me a little longer to warp to the next gate.  Sitting at that gate, right as I am about to hit warp, I see a Red in a rifter warp in and get trounced on by a couple Thrashers in my fleet that were lagging behind too.

Out of range, I start burning toward him as they're pounding on him....sadly about all I did was get in on the killmail. Poor guy didn't even have a chance.

Nothing really, I didn't have the chance to really do anything before the rifter went poof.

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