Monday, August 22, 2011

R-V-B it is!

So I have been able to log on for 20 minutes at a time here or there or even a hour when time permits and so I decided to be an active participant in RVB as I'm sure I won't be Tusker material until I am able to log in for real amounts of time AND I can manage to get solo kills as opposed to gang kills. :P

Kind of a funny note, I was just running around in a Thrasher to get an idea of the layout of the "approved PVP area" (Something I'm not hugely fond of as it's only a few constellations of total space) when I decided to hop into a defense fleet to see if I could have some fun defending Blue HQ. 

I get my Thrasher fitted out in uber Meta 3 gear for a quick fight and, when I finally get to Autaris, it looks like Red decided to stop camping HQ.  So we go on an impromptu roam to try and initiate a fight with some Reds.

After trailing behind the gang for a bit, we realized that there wasn't much red activity around and as I had my attention split between the kids and EvE, it took me a little longer to warp to the next gate.  Sitting at that gate, right as I am about to hit warp, I see a Red in a rifter warp in and get trounced on by a couple Thrashers in my fleet that were lagging behind too.

Out of range, I start burning toward him as they're pounding on him....sadly about all I did was get in on the killmail. Poor guy didn't even have a chance.

Nothing really, I didn't have the chance to really do anything before the rifter went poof.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rifter 1.1

The Fight:
So I finally had some time (30 mins :P) to go on a bit of a roam.  I decided to check out a little of 0.0 thinking, "no big deal, I blow up, I blow up." Well, come to find out, after flying through about 10 systems, there were a couple other people in each system, but DAMN, I couldn't find anyone.  After getting a bit bored, I flew back into low-sec, ran D-Scan and lo and behold! A navitas pops up on scan.

"Hmm" I think to myself. "This thing has gotta be bait." Well, after days of not finding anything, I figure any action is better than none and, who knows, maybe this guy's backup was going to be a juicy cruiser that I might be able to kill.

So I quickly get him pinned down to a belt and warp to 100, see him on scan, bounce back to my safe I just made at a few thousand km away and then bounced back over again to 0.  "Crap" I think to myself, "He's 17 km away!"  Really regretting at this moment that I slapped a cheapo Warp Scrambler I on my frig, I throw on my afterburners and take off after him.

Looking around, constantly pounding D-Scan, I wait for an indication that someone else is warping in...nothing yet.  14km....crap crap crap...CMON BABY....10km...."Why didn't I put one of the 9k scrams on my ship!? ><".....8km...POINT!

I set my orbit to 500 after looking at the ship info and realizing that this is a mining frig and that he hasn't even responded yet. "Crap" I think to myself, "I really wanted a good fight." Firing up my Autocannons and Rocket Launcher, I watch his shields and half his armor evaporate.  One more hit and he was Kablooey!.  Not really a spectacular fight, but at least it's another kill on the board. Meh.

So I lock up his pod and scram it and invite him to a conversation.  Heh, I ask him flat out "How much is your pod worth to you?" He responds with "A lot".  "WOOHOO" I think to myself, a payout! Seeing as how my wallet is sitting just below 5 mill, a nice payout would be really sweet.  I tell him "Make me an honest offer and deposit it into my wallet in 30 seconds."

I starting counting down for him to be helpful, in case he loses count. "10 secs or I blow up your pod"...."Wait" he says, fed up and not willing to give his backup anymore time to get here I tell him "50 mil or I take you down now." He responds with "25 million".  "Hmm" I say, "35 and it's a deal".  Ok he says..."transferred".  I look at my wallet and theres 35k that was deposited.  I laugh, "Lol you gave me 35,000; not 35,000,000".  He starts arguing with me and then says, "Whatever" so poof.  Ah well, maybe next time I'll have better luck.  His ship didn't even have anything in it, which was kinda sad.  Thankfully I didn't waste a lot of ammo.

Afterward, killing my GCC in a safe, I see 3 ships, a Hurricane, an Absolution and a Loki all pop up in D-Scan at once.  Almost immediately I see Sisters Combat Probes on scan.  "Aw crap, he's back with friends" I think to myself.  Looking at the pilots, it appears that he is not one of them, however, you never know if someone logged off of their alt and onto a main to get retribution.  Not willing to take the chance, I start hopping between safes and making new ones and then jumping to 100 on my current ones.  GOD 15 minutes takes forever lol.  Once my cooldown expired, I docked up since it was time to go to the store.

Looking Back:
Not a ton to look back at and figure out what went wrong.  I pinned him down fairly quick, I do think that I should have bookmarked the Asteroid he was working on so I could warp in at less than 15k, but I also wasn't willing to waste any more time with him finding out I was there.

I didn't see any minerals in his cargo, so I think not sticking around was a good idea as it very well could have been a bait ship.  My only real failure was using a 7k warp scram instead of the 9k version. 

Hopefully next time I can get a real fight.  Also, for those who ask where I am and where you are at, I like the hunting aspect, knowing where someone is or staging a 1v1 is just not near as much fun to me.  I really appreciate the help finding fights, but if I can't find them myself, I need to find something else I do better at. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Who The Hell Really Knows What I Was Thinking?

I can't stop this game.  I tried based on principles and the fact that I have to stare at an ugly red door, but to be honest, I can't leave and I definitely don't want to leave my readers hanging. 

I will be using all of the T1 frigates that I currently own (about 30 YIKES) to learn as much as I can the best I can before moving onto Tech 2 frigs, the Purifier and the Vengeance of which I am already skilled for.

Hopefully I can make some cash in the process (although I doubt it) as my wallet is sitting at 5 mill..LOL.  Fear not readers, I will continue writing, I enjoy it and I enjoy the game and I hope that I will soon have more exploits of fame and loss of fortune for you to kick back, read and enjoy!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stopping for now

So I created this blog with the full intention of seeing it through, however, seeing the newest expansion has completely killed my immersion and given me reason to doubt CCP and their solidarity as a gaming company.

MT be damned, I don't really care as I am sure they will have safeguards in place to make sure the economy doesn't crumble.  My issue is the fact that it has been 2 years since they have put out any real content and with this newest expansion, they proved to us that they aren't even working on developing EVE, just the new games and then giving us an "expansion" as a beta test for their other games.  While I am still fairly new, the fact that we probably won't see new content for a year or two is very depressing.  I am not QUITTING EVE, however, I am also not going to put time into a game to have it crumble when I finally get to where I want to be.  I will update this if the climate changes and I get my hangar view back. (For some reason not having it REALLY kills my immersion.)

Due to me not being able to post comments on my own blog, I'm posting here:
Well keep an eye on my blog.  I do plan on resubbing, but CCP is clearly going down the wrong path of using money which should be used for EVE dev on other ventures instead.  I do plan on playing again, who knows after the CSM meeting, I may even resub.  I just can't be ok with them developing nearly nothing for EVE while putting two games on full Microwarpdrive.  It's just wrong.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The beginning of my plan

Ok, so while I have been roaming lately and have literally found NOTHING.  I just discovered Miura's guide to lowsec roaming and will be taking a look at those roam paths and will not stop until I have lost multiple ships =)... I am going to try and get my first kill on the plan as an above class kill.  We'll see...for you lowsec roamers out there, I may be young and inexperienced, but I have a wealth of knowledge so don't think I will be an easy kill!!! (Ok that was posturing, I'm sure I will be an easy kill as right now I am working on my 3rd rank 5 skill Engineering.  (Flex)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sometimes roaming won't get you kills, but you'll get loot!

So last night, during a roam, I jumped into a system where, apparently, there was a 3 sided fight between 5 ships going on in one of the belts.  Perking my ears up, I waited until GF's were issued and then warped to the belt at 100km to see the damage.

I found that there were 4 wrecks ranging from cruiser to battleship and 2 red drakes sitting around.  Heart racing I'm thinking "oh crap oh crap oh crap" and I get ready to align, when I realize they are 120 km away.  "Ok, I think to myself, as soon as I start seeing locking, I'll warp out." Looking things over, I realize that there are wrecks 60, 120 and 150 km away from me...that's when I get an idea.

See, I'm flying a shield tanked Rifter right now.  This makes it so I have a bit of tank and I am fast that I decide to bookmark all the wrecks and warp out. =)  When I get to the station, I turn around and look at my bookmarks. CRAP, no range on the bookmarks and I have no idea which ones are next to the Drakes and which ones are 60 to 100 km away.  Closing my eyes and picking one randomly, I warp in and BINGO.  Drakes are sitting 90 km away and I have two unlooted battleship wrecks.  Picking through the wreckage, I find a couple Heavy Blasters, an EANM II, 10MN Afterburner II and 50 nanite repair paste.  I warp out and dock to unload my goods.  Popping back out, I warp in to the other set of BMs that are away from the Drakes and, go figure, one Drake warped out and the other is now where I had just looted...LOL.

I pick through the wreckage again and select a couple items that I can fit in my cargo-hold and just sit there.  I stare at him, he stares at me...blink blink he's 150km away which means that he can warp to me, but this is what I want.  I figure as soon as I see him warp, I warp out, which happens.  I immediately warp to the last set of wrecks that hadn't been looted yet, which funny enough, had been the ones the Drakes were next to initially, and loot the wreck.

Flying back into the station, I look up local Jita prices and find out, I just made 10 mil AND got a nice rush out of it as I was expecting the whole time to get ganked.  Not necessarily the most upstanding thing to do, but I figured that if there were 3 parties involved and the 2 drakes were in the same corp only 1 of which stayed, that means that there was no looting representation from the other parties.  It helps me sleep at night.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not Taking a Break, I Swear.

Just an FYI to any folks out there who may actually want to see more from me.  I would love to write more, but I have only gotten to play a couple hours in the past few days and in the time I have played, my roams have uncovered nothing more than a 2 person team trying to catch me to gank me in my little rifter....kind of a funny story actually.

The other night I jumped into a system in my 15 system string of lowsec that I am trying to roam, I warp into a belt at 100 like I normally do just to do a 360 and see if there's anyone in any of the nearby belts before scanning down further when, 130 km off, I see a Slicer and a Comet.  Now I'm no fool, I am DYING to cut my teeth on a ship, but I want something I think I might have a CHANCE of winning and a Slicer and Comet team would not give me that.  Anyway, when I warped in, they were finishing up on a pirate and the three of us literally SAT there staring at each other for a solid minute.

The best description I can give is when the fish guys in Spongebob Squarepants just sit there and blink with a neutral expression for an inordinate amount of time.  I was LOVING it lol.  I assume the reason they just sat there was to determine whether I had backup warping in and whether they wanted to engage or not..heh well once I saw them start burning toward me, I warp off.....and the chase was on!!  I warped to a couple different places in system, dropping bookmarks along the way not really concerned with them as I would warp in at 50 one time, 100 another time, 70 a different time, unless they were using a disruptor AND got very lucky, they weren't going to catch me.  After 10ish minutes of cat and mouse, I got bored and jumped out.  Sure enough, a few minutes later I see them again.  Sadly, it was at this point that my RL obligations got the better of me and I docked up for the night.

I'm seriously about ready to go to Molden Heath and pick a fight with some Tuskers just to watch something (me) explode.